Steel Structures Engineered for Optimal Pig Growth. Spanlift Pork Buildings are more than just sheds – they are complete, climate controlled, integrated pork growing systems designed to create premium pork and optimal energy efficiencies.

Unsurpassed Bio-security is achieved through several clever design elements including elimination of horizontal surfaces, unnecessary joints and fasteners, and tapered caps on the concrete vermin walls. This makes it extremely easy to clean and helps to minimize risk of disease.

Fit out – we work with your specified fit out requirements to allow for floor pits, fans, drop outs, curtains and so on. This ensures you end up with a building perfectly suited to your needs.

Heavy duty galvanized structural frames – Our structural frames have been designed with unique integration of the rat wall, resulting in a high quality strong finish when used in conjuction with concrete or clay floors. We have curved roof and pitched roof options available.

Correct airflow dynamics and flow control ensure the optimum amount of air enters in the right way for freshness and comfort, without stressful drafts. Our buildings are designed to allow for cross flow or tunnel ventilation, as well as optional ridge vents, and curtain sides as required.

Internal walls are accommodated by building into the design process which makes best use of our structural frames and ensure your workflow is optimal.

Labour costs are also greatly reduced. Maintenance requirements are low and the 50-year structural steel warranty ensures a secure long-term investment.

If you are looking for a quality building with speed of return on investment and exceptional growth results, look no further than the Spanlift Pork Barns.

Farrowing Shed

Mating Shed & Dry Sow

Admin Building

At Spanlift, we recognize that when it comes to storing hay, protection of your hay is of utmost importance.

Wash Bay.

Plant Room.

Spanlift machinery sheds provide a protected, dry haven for farm machinery. We have built literally hundreds of farm machinery sheds.

Need somewhere to carry out that quick repair or look after your machinery?

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