At Spanlift, we recognize that when it comes to storing hay, protection of your hay is of utmost importance. You can choose from a totally enclosed shed, open fronted, one wall enclosed, roof only, and any size you want! Hay creates a moisture trap around columns. We combat this with our standard hot dipped galvanised universal beam columns to ensure protection.

Access into your hay shed is another thing that we will discuss with you, no one likes trying to drive around columns – and speaking of dodging columns, our heavy structural universal beam columns are ‘nudge resistant’ – they won’t fall down if you accidentally bump them in your machinery…

We can help you calculate the size shed you need based on the number of bales you are going to store. Don’t just think about what you can currently handle, you may have bigger handling equipment one day, where you can stack a whole lot more in your hay shed and you won’t be annoyed later, wishing you had built it bigger in the first place.

Talk to our design team today to help work out the best size hay shed to suit your requirements. We will consider what type of fodder you are storing, as this can determine what shape and size your shed is.

Features include:

  • Roof grade iron on walls
  • Nudge resistant columns
  • Bale bumpers to stop damaging your walls during loading.
  • 8m Bay spacing’s – air between the bales – air gap to stop combustion.
  • Clear spans – deep widths. Consultant the team to make sure you have the exact right height
  • Modular frame system.with cleats and bolt holes ready for future extensions
  • Footings are specially done so that there are no snag points for your tractor when accessing.
  • Frontstorm water system specially designed to minimise downpipes along the front to prevent damage.

Request a quote, or Get in Touch with one of our experienced and helpful Design Consultants today and we will help find the right solution for your needs.

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