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Looking to build your new shed, but confused as to how it all happens? Buying a new shed or building is a big decision. So here are 9 good reasons to choose us, not just as your shed building company, but as your steel frame design and construction partner. Spanlift – Innovation in Engineering that you can trust.

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1. Consultation.

We are in the business of helping other businesses succeed. Proper consultation is an essential step to start the easier, hassle-free process of building your new shed. Our experienced building consultants will work with you to discover and understand all your needs and what will work best for you in your new building. Items like, size, use,colour, location, site access, our build process, any potential council issues, and any other questions you may have been discussed in this stage. You are then provided with a proposal and all the relevant information based on these initial discussions. Our team will guide you through the proposal and answer any queries you may have.

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2. Placing your order.

Now comes the exciting part! When you are completely satisfied that the proposal meets all your requirements, sign and the proposal and send it into the Spanlift team. At this point, we put all the wheels into motion to get your order underway and delivered to you following our systematic schedule. Your order is handed over to our Operations Team who then liaise with you to ensure we have colours, iron profiles, delivery address and every other little detail completely correct. The assigned Operations Team member will keep in touch with you from here on throughout the rest of the process and will become your primary point of contact.

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3. Design & Engineering.

The first step to building your quality shed is to get it Designed and Engineered according to the Australian Building Code and your exact location. Our team of qualified engineers and draftsmen then compile a complete set of CAD drawings for your shed. Each building component is individually part numbered according to our modular building system. The drawings are reviewed by our team & then checked by yourself, prior to manufacture.

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4. Building Permits & Approvals.

As a registered builder we can look after your council approvals process. This means we contact your local shire council on your behalf and arrange the submission of all necessary documents and building license applications to obtain approval to construct your shed on the property. If you would like us to manage this part of the process, ask our sales team to add it to your proposal.

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5. Manufacture.

After approvals are received (both from yourself and the council), your completed shed plans are handed over to the factory and our crew gets to work manufacturing the structural steel. Using laser cut components and premium quality steel, your shed is welded together with the utmost care and pride, to ensure that when it arrives on site it will facilitate a hassle-free build.

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6. Galvanizing.

Once all the structural steel has been fabricated, it all gets sent off to our galvaniser for complete hot dip galvanizing coating (inside & out) to ensure long-lasting protection from corrosion. All of our sheds are treated this way and include both the columns and the trusses for maximum protection. You can be assured that your shed will outlast any other shed that has not been treated in this unique way.

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7. Delivery.

Your shed steelwork is then carefully loaded together with the sheeting, purlins and other required componentry onto our truck for prompt delivery direct to your shed site. Each item required is checked off against the applicable load sheet to ensure a hassle free and complete delivery with no delays onsite.

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8. Construction.

Construction teams are scheduled in advance to arrive on site as soon as possible after your shed has been delivered to start the construction process. We build safety in from the very conception, 90% of our buildings have the roof assembled on the ground and are then craned up into position eliminating height safety risk and increasing quality control. We have built up a partnership over years with our own full-time installation contractors crews who are reliable, fast and safe. We hold great confidence in their ability to ensure your shed is erected professionally and to your satisfaction. Spanlift works with local community’s and support them as much as possible, our teams will utilise local content wherever it is relevant.

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9. Completion & Hand Over.

On completion of all site works (depending on the scope) you will be the proud owner of a new building ready for use and can have confidence that this structure was built by SPANLIFT AUSTRALIA and is covered by our full 50 Year structural warranty. You can rest easy with the knowledge that we stand by what we build and that your investment will be safe for many years to come.

Spanlift – Innovation in Engineering that you can trust.

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