Aircraft Hangar

Aircraft Hangars

Spanlift has a hangar to suit your aircraft. We build to cover anything from an Ultralight to a B-52! Options include:

  • Extra wide side openings (no column)
  • Full front opening (span)
  • Slide-a-way sliding doors giving full width access
  • Personal access doors
  • Roller doors for vehicle entry
  • Enclosed bay for storage / workshop
  • Roll through design configurations that eliminate awkward turning or reversing movements

All hangars are fully engineered and decided to a Category Two wind rating to withstand the strong winds of an open airfield. Protect your aircraft by investing in a quality Spanlift shed.

Request a Quote, or Get in Touch with one of our experienced and helpful Shed Design Consultants today and we will help find the right solution for your aircraft needs.

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