This page is a snapshot into some of the product offerings that we provide alongside our buildings – we do NOT sell these products individually.

As each building project always brings it own sets of requirements, we have included a sample of products that can be part of our buildings but by no means in exhaustive.


Spanlift’s option of column removal provides practical solutions for large access requirements.

This option avoids viewing the building truss, by cladding the upper section of the gable in iron.

The gable is the top triangular section of the end of a building.

Spanlift has several options to compliment your open bay i.e. you could have a gable in-fill or a part wall.

Spanlift’s parapet design offers a unique square look – hiding the roof pitch and promoting a modern style

They attach to the main columns, then extend out to create a skillion roof which is attached to the main building.

When it comes to storm water, there are several different ways that it can be run


Most of Spanlift’s canopies are cantilevered, which means they have no posts or columns for support.

Square Line Verandah / Entrance


Colour Positioning

Choose from a range of Colorbond® colours for your new shed!

You can select between them depending on the type of style you are after. The corrugated profile gives a more traditional look, whilst the Trimdek® has become popular.


We offer engineered computations to accomodate gantry cranes incorporating increased column weights, crane stumps, footing sizes and crane rails.

Monorail Beams



Spanlift have an excellent sliding door system, which is a result of years of development

Glass Entrance Doors

Spanlift’s P/A doors are of exceptional quality, incorporating many benefits

Roller shutter – the curtain consists of individual slats, locked together (idealy suited to large openings)

Height Safety

Anchor Points

Roof Access Hatch

Roof Walk Ways


Aircell Insulation

Etherm Insulation

In the winter, it prevents condensation dripping down from the roof.

Sisalation (or sisal paper) is a simple, cost-effective method of reducing heat rays from the roof iron – particularly in summer.


High Bay LED Lights

Flood Lights

Light Poles


The mezzanine consists of hot dip galvanised steel members with C purlins for floor joists.

Safety Rail


Natural Lighting

Clear Wall Sheeting

Then consider skylights when designing your shed. Whether it be in the roof or in a wall, strategically placed skylights are a big plus.

Truss Types

They are manufactured from RHS steel that is welded together to form a structurally strong member. All of Spanlift’s open web joists are manufactured to specific sizes which means that you can easily extend your building at any given time.

Often people refer to UB (universal beam) as ‘H’ iron or ‘I’ beam.
At Spanlift, our UB rafters are hot dip galvanised ensuring servicability and protection.


Wall vents are installed into buildings where lower ventilation is necessary e.g. piggeries, hatcheries, coolroom stores etc. They are available in varying sizes and colours and an option is to have shutters which can open and close.

Vented ridge caps are a popular way of creating natural airflow through a building. Our designs offer varied widths, varied lengths and bird proof mesh in Colorbond® or Zincalume.

The whirly vent is another common method of increasing airflow in a building. The spinning of the turbine creates extraction of air. They are available in different sizes and a range of colours.

Industrial Whirly Vents

Wall Type

This is usually concrete dado (lower) panel and iron upper section. Dado walls are commonly used for security reasons, however they are also used for storage requirements e.g. bulk storage buildings – Grain, Fertiliser etc.

One of the more common types is Gyprock Fyrchek™ or Gyprock FlamechekMR™ mounted between wall girts and iron.

These panels are usually pre-cast offsite, then lifted by crane into position once the structure of the building is standing.


Office Windows

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