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We are pleased to announce that Spanlift Australia, has been chosen to build a state-of-the-art roof for Australia’s premier BMX track near Darwin. The soon to be state-of-the-art track at Satellite City BMX Club is Australia’s training ground for our Olympic hopefuls.

To protect the track from the harsh elements of northern Australian sun as much as Darwin’s monsoonal rains the whole track will be covered under a huge (68x105m) cyclone proof galvanized steel construction. This will allow the athletes to train all year round regardless of weather conditions and maintain the integrity of the track through-out the wet season. It is expected that the facility will also attract international athletes who want to take advantage of the expanded training opportunities.

Spanlift was chosen for its expert engineering approach, the structural integrity of its steel construction using cyclone-grade hot dipped galvanised (HDG) steel and proven capabilities to construct complex steel structures. With its major manufacturing site and headquarters located in South Australia’s Mt Gambier this project will increase the company’s existing foothold in NT. This project will be a boost for the local economy securing vital jobs.

Spanlift’s manager Garry Grace said: “We are extremely pleased that Satellite City BMX has entrusted us to build such an important piece of infrastructure. Being chosen for this projects confirms Spanlift’s position as one of Australia’s leading engineering companies when it comes to Industrial, Agricultural and Intensive farming sheds and buildings.”

Satellite City BMX Club president, Daniel Shean, said: “We are extremely happy to have Spanlift build this important cover over our track. Their presentation and engineering plans have been impressive to say the least. We need to be able to train in all weather conditions – and we know that Spanlift will deliver to allow us to do just that. After careful consideration of the many tenders received we chose Spanlift with their cutting edge design.”

About Satellite City BMX Club:

Satellite City BMX Club was founded in 1986. With a current membership of 230 riders, this shows a 15% increase in membership from the 2014 to 2015 season. It has the largest active membership of any BMX Club in the Northern Territory. The NT Government has provided a capital grant to the Satellite City BMX Club for the purpose of covering the track with a roof and to upgrade the track to a national / international standard. Once the upgrade is completed, Satellite City BMX Club intends on bidding to host a BMX Australia National Title event.


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