Yard Covers

When it comes to Yard Covers, Spanlift can help you cover it all!

Yard Covers are all about protection from the elements, whether it is sun or rain.

There is a realm of data available which shows that Cattle are more restful when placed under a yard cover prior to transport. There are other significant benefits to the farmer with yard covers, including OH&S and Stockmen Productivity, as they can work longer hours and more productive hours under a well-designed yard cover.

Yard covers are far more than just a shed. We are able to build yard covers over existing yards using our unique lifting method, and also taking into careful consideration things like column locations, gable infills and part walls in view of keeping the sun out. We also consider the location of your loading ramps, and the height of the trucks you use to ensure the cover is not going to conflict with loading trucks and general accessibility. 

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