COLA (Covered Outdoor Learning Area)

Covered Outdoor Learning Area (COLA)

Under the harsh Australian climate, you need a quality Covered Outdoor Learning Area to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment. Spanlift can provide a building specific to your school’s requirements. Talk to us today about:

  • A custom designed size to suit your school grounds or specific use such as basketball or tennis courts
  • Gable infills, angled skillion covers and part walls to prevent rain ingress on a windy day and suit the sun angles at your site
  • Ball guards
  • Anti-bird roosting options
  • Optional round columns to improve safety
  • Unique spectator cover designs that are cantilevered to remove obstacles in the viewing direction. These covers can also be utilised for sponsorship signage.
  • Covered walkway access between buildings
  • Clear span options up to 60m

The right COLA will serve you well for many years to come.

Request a quote, or get in touch with one of our experienced and helpful Design Consultants today and we will help find the right solution for your needs.

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